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As the reality of isolation bears down on us, the need to eat healthy and nutritious food is high on the agenda to keep ourselves and families well.

We’ve had many requests to re-open if for nothing else but our coffee.  We decided to do it differently for now.  Our aim is to provide health great tasting food for you, provide job security for our loyal staff, provide meals for those who cannot afford to eat and to stop ourselves from going mad (or worse).

Home Cooked Meals

We are offering ‘Home-cooked’ meals from our commercial kitchen.  The same as the meals we cook for ourselves which have been loved by many others over the years.  We are working closely with suppliers to bring you the freshest and healthiest food available.

Each meal is fully cooked and can be purchased warm on the day of cooking or frozen and can easily be reheated in an oven or microwave.    All of our food is real food.  We can supply the sides or you might like to create your own salads, rice or mashed potatoes. By the way we never use anything artificial, food colourings or msg.

We will cook different meals every day of the week and these will add to the variety that we all want.  We do not have hundreds of meals to choose from but each meal will more than satisfy.


Most days there will be a freshly made soup of the day, fresh salads, cakes (many GF) and other yummy delights.  Rice can also be supplied with some meals.

Hungry Mouths

The shutting down of business is leaving an emergency situation for many hungry mouths that no longer have money.  Let’s all help each other.  Buy a meal for someone in need and we will place a tag on the notice board for anyone who needs that meal.  Prepaid meals are included in the calculation for free delivery.


The packaging is fully biodegradable.  Instructions, nutritional information and use by date are on the labels.

Delivery or Side Window Pick-up

You can pick up from our side window 8am till noon Mon – Fri

We can deliver anywhere in the highlands – Mittagong to Bundanoon or there abouts. Delivery fee of $20 applies.

FREE DELIVERY anywhere in the highlands for orders over $120 (this is about one week’s supply of food.)

(No Contact Delivery etc)

Cafe Window/Take-away –

Usually mornings from 8am till 12pm

Our Usual fabulous Coffee and Bacon & Egg rolls will be available when we are in the premises.  All our cakes are house made and a limited range will also be available.  Mon – Fri

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