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The Foodies

The Vale Cafe comes from the vision and passion of the owner Cindy Niland. In essence, we strive for our café to be a place to call home.  The philosophy is simple – GOOD. Good Coffee and Tea, Good Food, Good Service and a dedication to quality produce.


 Our menus are changing with the seasons and also our whims.
Often we just feel like cooking something different and delicious.


Wine & Beer From 12 Noon

From Our Kitchen

7am – 3pm

Bircher Muesli (v)

Oats, yoghurt, fruit, pistachios,

raisins, almond flakes

 Organic Eggs on Toast (v)

“have’em your way”, with sourdough


Mushies, bacon, sausage, The Vale baked beans,

spinach, roasted tomato, avocado,


Gourmet Bacon and Egg Roll

Fried egg, bacon, The Vale tomato relish,

fresh green leaves and tomato

Tiramisu French Toast (v)

Coffee, vanilla, maple syrup through the sourdough bread

with mascarpone, banana, strawberries & pistachio

Middle Eastern Brunch (gf)

Polenta hash, spinach, hummus,

Middle Eastern spiced mince beef and peas served with soft poached eggs

 Homemade Baked Bean Stack (vg, v)(can be gf)

The Vale baked beans, spinach, mushrooms

served with sourdough toast

Add bacon

Add a poached egg

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken breast, fresh green leaves, tomato, cucumber, onion,

cashew nuts and crispy sweet potato served with a lemon vinaigrette


Healthy Detox Salad (gf, v, vg)

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, parsley, celery,

almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds served with a lemon vinaigrette

Japanese Pancake (gf, v)

Red and green cabbage, potato, shallots, spices,

buckwheat flour served with kimchi

Spring Healing Bowl (v)(gf)

Buckwheat, sweet potato, chickpea and brown rice patty,

spinach, sauerkraut, cherry tomato, avocado, cucumber,

grilled zucchini, toasted pepitas seeds served with Turmeric ginger vinaigrette


The Vale Big Breaky

Bacon, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans,

spinach, tomato, eggs, sourdough


Bacon or Ham Eggs Benedict (can be gf)

Bacon or ham, spinach, poached eggs,

hollandaise sauce served on brioche roll

 Vegetarian Burger (vg, v) (can be gf)

Black lentil, mushrooms, chickpea patty, quickled onions,

green aioli, tomato, spinach on brioche roll

Add chips

 Smokey BBQ Sauce Pork Burger (can be gf)

Slow cooked pork shoulder in a smokey BBQ sauce,

pickled carrot, aioli, cucumber and mint salad on brioche roll

 The Cuban Sandwich (can be gf)

Pork shoulder, Swiss cheese, ham, dill pickle,

Dijon mustard, aioli and spinach on brioche roll

Add Chips


Toast – Your choice of  Fruit, Sourdough or Gluten Free

Served with butter and our house jam or vegemite



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256 Argyle St.

Moss Vale

New South Wales


Mon-Sun 7am - 5pm
(02) 4869 4438
256 Argyle St. Moss Vale New South Wales


Mon-Sun 7am - 5pm