At The Vale Cafe it’s really important to us that we know exactly what’s in our food. It’s 100% Clean Eating because everything we serve is prepped and cooked in-house.... no artificial additives, preservatives, or taste enhancers.

The Vale Cafe has great flavours that are achieved through carefully balanced ingredients, as well as our personal delight in creating that symphony on your fork.

And for those with a sensitive tummy... we have a huge range of meals & sweets that are gluten, egg or dairy free, so there's always something delish for everyone.

Why not try our homemade jams, chutneys and relishes... and take a bit of The Vale home to enjoy!

We value the health benefits of food, so we provide a great range of pickles and ferments (even bone broth) to help your tummy feel healthy & happy.


Food, flavour and family have always been integral to Cindy thanks to life growing up with Nordic and Greek heritage. This passion fueled her in travelling the world over – from Thailand to China and Europe to the Caribbean. Journeys for food and experience led to kitchens on the outskirts of tiny villages where she learnt traditional cooking techniques and some of the more exotic secrets about the food. It’s been a journey in discovering the ways in which each herb and spice is used differently and specific to nationality, rendering such a great variety of flavours and styles.

As a Cordon Bleu Chef, Cindy has worked in five-star restaurants throughout Australia, including the Summit Restaurant in Sydney. She has cooked on charter boats in the Caribbean and run cafés on the beach, along with setting up full kitchens and restaurants in rural Australia. All this experience, passion and dedication is now being poured into The Vale.

Thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast and coffee. The girls were lovely waitresses and were only happy to help. I am an avid coffee drinker (black coffee) and really enjoyed the beans that they used. Thank you!

gourmet take home dinners


 Our Gourmet Take Home Meals became so popular during lock-down we are continuing them. The Vale’s pot is bubbling with tonight’s dinner. Aromatic, healthy, gourmet and unbeatable value. Fill your freezer from ours.

tradies lunch menu


Covid has us thinking outside the box ... or in this case, inside the box. Check out the great lunch options we are offering our tradies (and anyone else who enjoys a good feed and deal).

$10 lunch deal


If you’re supplying lunch for staff or need to feed the masses, our $10 Lunch promo can make life easy!! There’s a minimum order and you must preorder for delivery. Meals change daily.

Loved having the take-home dinners during Covid and was super pleased to hear The Vale would continue to have them available thereafter. Frozen dinners with a restaurant feel. Perfect!